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2018 Airstream Globetrotter 27 Built for Boondocking

This airstream project had a couple of key requirements: compact and expandable. I think we managed to accomplish just that.

In the front of the Airstream we packed a 3000VA Victron Multiplus inverter with 3 x Battleborn batteries. With an easy to relocate divider wall, the front cabinet still maintains more than half its storage capacity, but the wall could be moved over to allow battery expansion in the future.

Not seen in the photos is a Smart Phase Selector that was installed under the factory breaker panel. This allows our single inverter to supply power to every outlet and accessory in the Airstream despite the usual limitations of doing an offgrid system in a 50 amp service rig.

On the roof there was already 180 watts of Zamp solar panels, so an extra panel was installed and the solar controller was upgraded to a lithium compatible Victron MPPT 100/30 unit.

Airstreams are always a unique challenge to do serious upgrades on due to their quality exterior constructions and interior designs not usually being friendly to routing wires, cables and data lines. With a little patience, and sometimes some bravery with a drill or razor knife, we managed to avoid taking away from the aesthetics of this Airstream while packing in the rich technology that'll allow it to leave the campgrounds behind.

Hoping this family has lots of adventures planned because they now have the power to get lost and stay charged!


  • 300ah’s of Battleborn Batteries

  • Victron BMV-712 battery monitor

  • 270 Watts of Zamp solar panels

  • 3000VA Victron Hybrid inverter

  • Smart Phase Selector switch

  • Victron bluetooth solar controllers, MPPT 100/30


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