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Sportsmobile Camper Van

When it comes to small campers, concise wiring and component layout are important to keep storage loss to a minimum. Once you throw in a heavy pop-top assembly, you need to be extremely careful to not make the roof overly cumbersome to lift with too large of a solar array.

This soon to be full time traveling lady wanted to make sure she was going to be able to stay charged while abiding by the above concerns.

A single 200ah lithium pack with built in Bluetooth monitoring saved valuable inches and reduced componentry. The slim 2000 watt inverter means she can do a Shore Power Sim style of install and run anything in the van, even the microwave. A single 200 watt solar panel will keep things topped off, but an externally mounted solar plug means that additional solar can be used without adding weight to the roof. Integrating the built in generator and engine alternator means that there's up to 4 different possible charge sources (solar, alternator, generator, plug-in). So no matter what the weather or location this van will have no problem getting lost and staying charged!

*The electrical cabinet has a door and ventilation hole not seen in the pictures above.



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