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Ultimate Rolling Power Plant

This project might hold a record for being one of the biggest!

Some of you may remember this monster project from late 2019. With 3000 watts of solar on the roof and a 5000 watt inverter in the basement connected to 16 BattleBorn Batteries, this coach was already on the border of being classified as a rolling power plant.

Well, this client is upgrading again. Ditching the factory awning in favor of these home-made solar awnings is allowing him to pack an additional 1410 watts! It was amazing to see the hinging, panel mounting, and securing systems for this DIY awning that he devised and built, and I’m definitely still curious to see what he engineers up for deployment, as the wooden beams and cinder blocks were very much a temporary solution to make wiring easier.

There’s one thing I can definitely attest to though, that awning works! On our couple short test runs were seeing over 85% of rated output from the awning.

As I packed up for the day, Stu threatened that he might engineer another awning to hang off the back. There was only a smidge of maniacal laughter behind it so I’m assuming I’ll be back again soon!

Battleborn Lithium Batteries and Victron Inverter in a Vanleigh Beacon


I know this couple isn’t going to have ANY trouble staying charged! Have fun out there! #getloststaycharged

Job Site, Massive Solar System and Power Input!

The rest of the power system


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