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2016 Pleasure Way Luxor TX

This customer's Pleasure Way van already had a lithium battery system, but it was mated to a tiny inverter and couldn't keep up with my customer's dream of off grid air conditioning.

Off grid air conditioning is still a very tall order, but by taking his 200 ah battery bank to 400ah's, and adding a 3000 watt inverter, he can definitely fire the AC long enought to take the edge off on those super hot afternoons. The large inverter now also allows him the functionality of every outlet and accessory in his van that normally only functioned with shore power or generator input. Thanks to the hybrid functionality of this large inverter, he can now also run his giant rooftop AC when there's only 15 amp shore power available.


  • Added 200ah Lithium to existing 200ah

  • 3000w Inverter

  • Fully Integrated Simulated Shore Power


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