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Massive DIY van power!

Another cargo van making the transition to camper van!

Now THIS was a blast of a project! There’s just something special about working on a cargo van. No pre-existing electrical. No adapting. No modifying. Just pure building from scratch, and when the customer sets you up with an interior framed in 8020 aluminum, you know it's going to be a pretty looking power system.

That’s exactly what this 2019 Sprinter 4x4 got. A ground up build of a power system that’s going to set this future camper on the right track to long, plug-in-free adventures. This van definitely got the works.

From 600ah’s of the LifeBlue self heating/low temp batteries, to the 3000VA hybrid inverter they’re connected to, this camper will be able to turn on just about any appliance they can imagine. And with all that battery power, they should get some pretty decent run times out of the future rooftop AC that’s going on.

To keep those batteries topped off, we have 400 watts of ZampSolar's ultra thin and lightweight Obsidian panels flowing through a Bluetooth enabled, MPPT solar controller. But to make sure we’re not only dependent on Mother Nature for charging, Victron’s DC to DC Charger for alternator charging was installed, as well as a full 30 amp service plugin for shore power charging.

To finish prepping this camper for the customer’s future upfit, we installed a DC fuse panel with Victron battery protect, and an AC breaker panel for all those future household electronics.

Since the customer had pre-ran most of his accessory wiring, I went ahead and connected everything to the distribution panels and labeled. So even though this camper is far from finished, it’s already got plugs and accessories up and running. So adventures definitely don’t have to wait till everything is complete.

Battleborn Lithium Batteries and Victron Inverter in a Vanleigh Beacon


I can’t wait to see how this van develops and grows into a custom camper!

Happy travels! #getloststaycharged

Electrical system placed within the customer-installed 80/20 aluminum framing

Low-profile solar panels

Other accessories including monitors and shore power connection

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Kelly J Evans
Kelly J Evans
Aug 12, 2021

How did you convert the zamp solar panels to be connected in series?

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