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2018 Custom Chevy Express

This customer wasn't quite sure what the plan was for her van. It's giant, 4x4, has a poptop with a bed in the roof, and the rest is TBD. Translation: we needed something small and modular that could take her out on adventures while she figured out the rest.

Building a small, custom electronics enclosure and packing it with 150ah's of lithium and a 1000 watt inverter allow her to run anything she needs at this time. But an accessory fuse panel means she can add whatever accessories she dreams of in the future. 200 watts of solar on the roof make sure this system stays topped off.


  • 200w Solar

  • 150ah Lithium in custom enclosure

  • 1000w Inverter

  • DC panel for future accessories

  • Alternator Charging


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