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Powering up a Ford Transit Van

So much power!

Out there in this great, wide world there's just so many sad cargo vans. They sit on dealer lots, haul cargo around, or help tradespeople complete their jobs, but they just don't feel fulfilled. They scroll Instagram seeing pictures of other vans in pretty places and dream they can explore the wild someday as well.

Well, I'm doing my best to help these poor, sad, cargo vans get ready to take their lives down some fresh roads!

To kick off this Ford Transit's conversion from work van to tiny home I had the pleasure of putting in the electrical foundation.

Battleborn Lithium Batteries and Victron Inverter in a Vanleigh Beacon


  • 400ah's of Battleborn Batteries will provide a huge amount of energy storage for this camper. Good thing too because that 3000W Victron Inverter is ready to put those batteries to work powering just about anything that gets thrown its way.

  • To make sure we're not only using power we added some battery charging to the mix. Alternator and shore power are ready-to-go and fully automatic.

  • In anticipation of a future, layered, slide-out style solar system that'll be going on the roof dual solar controllers and rooftop boxes are wired up so that the electrical portion of this future solar array will be plug-and-play.

  • Of course it wouldn't be an electrical foundation if there wasn't a way for this customer to hook up some accessories! So AC and DC breaker/fuse panels were put in for easily adding protected circuits.

I can't wait to see how this little camper build-out comes along, safe travels!

At the job site, installing a shore power plug and alternator charging

Other photos from the electronics install in this empty cargo van


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