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Promaster Van: Blank Canvas

This project was a long and detailed process of bringing this cargo van to life with a monster off-grid system including off-grid air conditioning. This client had big travel plans so we needed to pack all the power we could in this blank slate of a camper van.

Battleborn Lithium Batteries and Victron Inverter in a Vanleigh Beacon

With an incredible eye for precision and detail, this customer prepped a 3/4" stained plywood electronics corner and a battery stand built from 8020 aluminum. She also went as far as stringing DC and AC wiring to each of the future electrical accessory locations. This was an absolute pleasure to work with, allowing me to work solely on the electrical system without having to contribute my mediocre carpentry skills to the mix!


  • On the roof, 840 watts of solar (4, 210W panels) were tightly mounted to leave room for a ceiling fan. This large array, in excellent sunlight conditions, should be able to keep up with the tiny window AC unit that is going to be cleverly built into a false wall in the back of the van in the near future.

  • Inside, 400ah's of Battleborn Batteries are sitting on a custom aluminum rack that's been slightly oversized to allow for expansion of one more battery in the future.

  • To take advantage of all that solar and battery power, a Victron Multiplus 2000 Interver/Charger has been wired in along with a fresh 30 amp shore power receptacle, and AC/DC distribution panels ready for electrical accessories.

  • SmartSolar MPPT 150/70-TR Charge Controller w/Bluetooth

  • Victron's smart battery monitor and inverter display were mounted on a board to adapt to her future build.

  • Among the details you can't see in the photos, a bi-directional alternator circuit was installed. This allows the alternator to charge the lithium bank while driving, but also allows the solar system to charge the starter battery once the lithium bank is completely full. This can all be disabled from the push of a button from the driver's seat.

  • We also cut some holes in the van to throw in a side window and roof fan.

This little cargo van has a lot of work ahead before it becomes a home on wheels but with this ready-to-go electrical system, a sleeping bag and mattress could have her adventuring tomorrow.

Low profile solar and roof fan

Electronics Install on custom frame

30 amp shore power plug and alternator charging


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