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2010 Phoenix Cruiser off grid upfit

Hello adventures!

That's what this soon-to-be retired couple is saying now that their Phoenix Cruiser is ready to leave the campgrounds behind. This project did end up taking a bit longer than expected, but the final results were so very worth it.

To get 700 watts of solar on this small roof, we had to do some accessory deleting. So an unused satellite dish and TV antenna were pulled down and holes capped to make some additional room.

In order to fit the 300ah's of Battleborn Batteries, 3000VA inverter and two solar controllers (one was for the 200 watt ground array) while not taking up every inch of exterior storage definitely took some creativity. By building a partial height, hinged partition and setting some key components installed onto it, we ended up with a tidy way to save some space. All of this without sacrificing the accessibility and serviceability of all the components.


  • 300ah’s Battleborn Batteries

  • Victron BMV-712 battery monitor

  • 700 Watts of Renogy 100 watt panels

  • 3000VA Victron Hybrid Inverter

  • Dual bluetooth Victron solar controllers, MPPT 100/50 and 75/15

  • Victron Cyrix-li-ct 120 amp alternator relay


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