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Foretravel Motorhome turned rolling powerplant

New projects are always fun, but new projects with old customers are extra special. A few years back I got to work with this couple on their Sunseeker Class C, and now after having a taste of the offgrid life they've decided they wanted some more luxuries and upgraded to this beautiful Foretravel Class A. So once again they were calling Off The Grid Camper to make sure their new rig was every bit as capable off grid.

With 600ah's of Battleborn batteries, a 3kVA inverter fed through a Phase Selecting Switch, and 1200 watts of solar on the roof, this big coach is ready to make sure the most iportant passenger, Violetta the kitty, is always comfortable.

Class A motorhomes are always a special challenge to work on and this one was no exception. Through lots of clever wire routing, and dividing the electrical system into a few different cabinets, we were able to tuck all this away without sucking up any of the much needed storage space. Even the remote displays were installed into the factory location.

Being that this project has been done for a while before posting it here on my website, I know these two are already out there having adventures accross the states and south of the border.

Catch y'all down the road!


  • 600ah’s of Battleborn Batteries

  • Victron BMV-712 battery monitor

  • 1200 Watts of Rich solar panels

  • 3000VA Victron Hybrid inverter

  • Smart Phase Selector switch

  • Victron bluetooth solar controllers, MPPT 150/85 and 75/15 for ground array


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