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Space efficient, under-couch power system!

We added another fresh adventurer to the off-grid world, Dylan in his Winnebago Class C! As he was eager to take his adventures far from campgrounds we came up with a robust, space-saving system that was going allow him to power up his whole rig no matter where he roams.

So the ultimate under-couch power plant was born. 400ah’s of @battlebornbatteries serve as energy storage, with 800 watts of solar on the roof keeping it all topped off. A 3000VA Victron inverter was wired directly to the main breaker panel so every outlet and accessory can be powered while off grid.

Since Dylan is a solo traveler with a dog, we went ahead and put in an EasyStart in his air conditioner so he can run it off grid for a couple hours at a time. That way the poochy can stay comfortable while he’s running a few errands.

To keep all his charging sources intact we upgraded his alternator charge relay to keep power coming in without over working his alternator. Then finished it all off with a Peplink install for high speed, mobile internet.

Definitely a fun project to knock out and it sounds like Dylan is already having tons of off grid adventures.

Battleborn Lithium Batteries and Victron Inverter in a Vanleigh Beacon


Have fun out there Dylan, and #getloststaycharged !!

The system is hidden and accessible while under the couch


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