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2018 Forest River Sunseeker

This couple and their kitty are digital nomads! So naturally their primary concern was staying professional! So making sure their computer equipment never ran out of power was paramount.

Being that this Class C RV already has a built in generator and engine alternator, with some componentry upgrades and both rooftop and ground solar arrays, we have 4 different ways to keep this rig charged! (Solar, Shore Power, Generator and Alternator). So no matter how cloudy the days get we can ensure uninterrupted power and professionalism.

200ah's of easily expandable Battleborn Batteries will keep this RV charged through the night, and a 2000 Watt Inverter/charger meant we could do a Shore Power Simulation style of install so every outlet and accessory works off grid. (Very limited rooftop air conditioning run time with a 2k inverter).

This couple should have no problem getting lost and staying charged!


  • 800 Watts roof solar (tilting)

  • 200 Watts ground solar

  • 200ah's lithium

  • 2000 watt inverter

  • Integrated Shore Power Simulation


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