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2018 Grand Design 5th Wheel

This newly retired couple had never camped off grid before. But their house was sold and they were ready to leave the campsites behind. We sized this sytem to be as budget friendly as possible, while leaving room for growth, and not undersizing components at a loss of functionality.

A 3000 watt inverter insured we could do a shore power simulation install through a 120/220 volt sensing switch. No need to run extension cords throughout this rig, every outlet works. 3 x 100ah lithium batteries supply the necessary output to keep up with the 3000 watt inverter, but there's room for future growth should they need it. An oversized solar controller was mated to a 600 watt solar array making it easy to add an additional 200 watts in the future.


  • 600w Solar

  • 300ah Lithium

  • 3000w Inverter

  • Fully Integrated Simulated Shore Power with 120/220V auto selecting switch

  • Oversized system for easy growth


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