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Grand Design Reflection

This young family is selling their home and hitting the road! As digital nomads with a young kiddo on board, they needed to make sure they have the power to stay professional AND to stay comfortable with the little one. 

1000 Watts of tilt-able solar will keep power flowing into the batteries whenever the sun is out. 400ah's of Battleborn batteries will keep things running whenever the sun is down, and can easily be DIY expanded should additional power ever be needed. The Victron Multiplus 3000 Inverter/charger has a unique built in 50 amp transfer switch allowing the use of a Phase Selecting Switch even on this large trailer. So no more sub panels and choosing circuits that work off grid, we call this a Shore Power Simulation style of install, everything works.


  • 1000 Watts of solar (tilting)

  • 400ah's of lithium

  • 3000 watt inverter

  • Phase Selecting Switch


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