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Grand Design Solitude

This couple are freshly retired and one year away from selling their house and hitting the road full time. Wanting to get some practice off grid time in, and take advantage of when I was passing through their area, we set to planning a robust , and expandable, off grid system long before they take off.

With 1200 watts of tilt-able solar, there's enough remaining roof real estate to add an entire second solar system in the future. 600ah's of the extremely module Battleborn batteries mean that adding additional electrical storage in the future will be a breeze. The Victron 3000 Multiplus Inverter, with it's unique 50 amp passthrough, allowed the use of a phase selecting switch to simulate shore power to the entire trailer from the batteries. No more sub panels or picking and choosing which circuits work off grid. Finally, installing an EasyStart soft starter allowed the Inverter to turn on their giant 15,000btu AC.


  • 1200 Watts of Solar (tilting)

  • Remote Monitoring

  • 600ah's of Lithium

  • 3000 watt Inverter

  • Phase Selecting Switch 

  • Easy Start AC soft starter


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