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Upgrading Off-Grid Capabilities Prior to an Alaskan Excursion

This 43' Itasca Ellipse isn't lacking for any luxury and already came outfitted with a hefty Magnum inverter system that powered nearly everything in the coach while off-grid. So it was time for us to come in and fill in the blanks that'll help this beast go on an Alaskan adventure soon.

Battleborn Lithium Batteries and Victron Inverter in a Vanleigh Beacon


  • Using only the best of the best, we added a 1,360 watt solar array made up of 8, Zamp Solar 170 watt panels. Thanks to the smooth fiberglass roof from Itasca and AMSolar's stainless mounting system, all 8 panels are secured to the roof without a single screw - so you know there's never going to be a leak.

  • Down below in the basement a 100 amp Victron Solar controller is harnessing this rooftop array and gives this client easy access to information via the convenience of their phone's Bluetooth.

  • To finish this project up we needed to add a proper battery monitoring system rather than the vague voltage readings that this coach came with. So a bit of rearranging the factory battery wiring and building a small weatherproof enclosure called the installation of a Victron BMV-712 monitor, which is also Bluetooth enabled, for easy access to data from anywhere within the coach.

This was a blast of a project and definitely no easy feat. Taking the time to put together these clean and cohesive upgrades, on a coach that's already this heavily outfitted, took a solid 3.5 - which is just a smidge less time than doing a complete off-grid system from scratch on a fifth wheel. Can't wait to see this couple put the system to work on their travels to Alaska and beyond!

Upgrading the electrical for this awesome coach


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