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Upgrading to a Lithium Battery System

With a small factory-installed solar and deep cycle battery system this adventure-mobile was decently equipped for your average weekend warrior. However, with retirement fast approaching this customer had travel plans, and electrical accessories, that exceeded the capabilities of the factory system in his 2019 Leisure Travel Van.

Battleborn Lithium Batteries Leisure Travel Van


200ah’s of Battleborn Lithium Batteries replaced a couple deep cycle batteries, shed some weight, and nearly doubled his electrical storage.

Out with the 1000 watt inverter that only ran a couple of wall outlets, and in with a new Victron 2000 watt hybrid inverter, wired for complete functionality of all outlets and accessories.

On the roof we pulled off the factory flexi panels that were bonded down and installed four 100 watt slim solar panels in place, while also upgrading him to a powerful MPPT solar controller.

In the control and monitoring department, a new metal control panel was fabricated to make room for Victron's battery monitor and inverter display in the factory location.

Having spent the week installing this system in an airplane hanger, now all I want is to have my own hangar...I don't even need the airplane!


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